1. When they sleep together like this


Image credit:  JeffHanson368


2. Furry friendship is always so cute

Image credit: DITK

3. Let me take some shelter under your ears, buddy!

Image credit: img100

4. Best friends from the beginning

Image credit: Wolverinedoge

5. Kissies for kitties


Image credit: Earth Prints/ Sumit Mehndiratta

6. When you are wearing your cat-hat


Image credit:  imgur.com

7. Friends always protect you!

Image credit: snodialove

8. “My Dog Has Terminal Cancer. I’ve Noticed He And My Cat Have Been Cuddling A Lot More Since He Got Sick.”


Image credit: imgur.com

9. My bed, my pillow, my friend, my everything

Image credit: NotMyRealName14

10. Best friends sometimes have the same ‘hairstyle’


Image credit: Unknown