Maxi Zoo Ireland are celebrating their 10th birthday this year and because we love working together with charities to ensure the well-being of needy animals we are kicking off our 10 Weeks Of Charity campaign in all our Maxi Zoo stores. Pop in your local Maxi Zoo stores to meet the charities on every Saturday between 23.01.2016 and 26.03.2016 and see the great hard work they do for needy animals!

Week 1 –¬†Saturday 23.01 – Limerick Feral Cats in Maxi Zoo Limerick

Week 2 – Saturday 30.01 – Little Hill Animal Rescue in Maxi ZooMaynooth

Week 3 – Saturday 06.02 – Pauline’s Rescue in Maxi Zoo Midleton

Week 4 – Saturday 13.02 – Longford SPCA in Maxi Zoo Longford