Summer is here and even though Ireland doesn’t have the best summer weather in the world, you can still do a lot of activities with your dog. Here are our 5 summer must-have accessories for you and your dog.

1. Jogging Leash

Did you know that exercising with your dog is just as beneficial for him as it is for you? So, if you want to go jogging more often this summer, why not take your dog with you? Remember if you go jogging with your dog in the evening make sure he has a reflective leash or collar on to keep him safe in the dark.

2. Poop bags

Everyone must be a responsible pet owner and clean up after their dog. So, if you are planning a lot of outdoor activities this summer, make sure you have those poop bags with you at all times.

3. Dog Swimming Pools

What better way to cool off than a swimming pool? Dogs love swimming, splashing and cooling off. Make sure you stop by your local Maxi Zoo store and ask the staff to show you some samples!

 4. Dog Crates

Are you planning your next holiday and would like to take your dog with you? If you’re thinking to travel with your dog by car, then dog crates will insure your dog will be safe while driving. If you are flying somewhere and want to take your dog with you, you will need a dog crate that is pre-approved by airlines.

5. Dog Toys and Treats

If you are planning to spend a lot of time outside with your dog, there are various toys out there that are guaranteed to keep Fido happy all summer long. Whether they are toys for the pool or the beach or simply squeaking toys for a variety of games, playing with your dog will guarantee to be lots of fun!


Remember, if you are planning to go on a holiday with your dog you have to make sure your dog’s details are up to date on the Fido database, so stop by your local Maxi Zoo store for a free microchip checking service.