Here you can find 5 tips to ensure your dog lives longer

1. Take care of their teeth


Dogs older than 3 years have bigger chances of getting gum disease. Plaque and tartar causes harmful bacteria that can spread in the body. Paying attention to your dog’s oral health can add up to 4 years of longevity.

2. Spay or neuter


Neutering will not only prevent unwanted puppies but it can also increase your dog’s longevity. A study from the University of Georgia shows that the average age at death for dogs that had not been spayed or neutered was 7.9 years versus 9.4 years for sterilized dogs. Neutering reduces the chances of testicular cancer and spaying reduces the amount of diseases that can affect a womb.

3. Play often with your dog


Play is healthy and beneficial. Find time to play with your dog at home or outside when you go for walks. Make play dates for your dog with other nice, well-socialized dogs. Apart from regularly playing with your dog it is important to also limit stress and ensure your dog is not exposed to potential stressors like loneliness, excessive noise or bullying from another dog.

4. Exercise with your dog


If you love going for a run or cycling, why not take your dog with you? Exercising with your dog can be beneficial for both of you as you reduce the risks of your dog becoming overweight. Studies have shown that fat dogs suffer more frequently from skin conditions, tumours and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Overweight dogs therefore experience not only a reduced quality of life but also have shorter lives.

5. Apply sunscreen


Sunbathing is dangerous for dogs as they are very sensitive to the sun, especially dogs with pale skin. Getting sunburnt can lead to skin cancer. Make sure to apply sunscreen on any exposed areas of your dog (like nose and the ear tips). If your cat dog is lying in the blazing sun and panting heavily, you should intervene and usher them into the house or at least into the shade.