Pets enrich the homes of millions of people. They provide an antidote against loneliness and boredom. And they’ve been proven to have a positive effect on health. But there are some secrets that every pet owner should be conscious of when having a pet.

1. “Please pick up the right grooming brush at the store for my coat, don’t just buy any old dog-grooming one…”


Different pets have different needs when it comes to grooming their coat. We have written a blog on it! Check it out here.


2.  “Your favourite cat game to play with me involves a laser pointer. But let me catch it sometimes.”


Playing with your cat using a laser pointer can be really fun for them, but it can get frustrating at the same time. Cats live for the hunt and if they can’t catch that dot, it will upset time. A tip would be to point the laser from time to time on a toy or something similar that they can ‘hunt’ and catch. It makes the game worth it.

Image: Vetstreet

3. “Please don’t give me too much food!”


We mean well and want to spoil our pets, but it is also a bit rash. Too much food can put too many pounds on our pet and can seriously affect the pet’s health. Don’t forget, if you cut back on the food and treats they might start paying more attention…

Weigh your dog regularly; your local Maxi Zoo store offers a free weighing service in all locations! Change to a high quality light food even if the weight of your dog has increased just a little.

4. “Too much nap time can affect my personality, so don’t let me sleep all day. “


Dogs and cats spend a lot of their time sleeping, but staying in all day and sleeping can really affect their personality. We recommend regular walks and daily playtime to solve or prevent behavioural problems.

5. “Just because I am an old dog, I should not eat whatever I want!”


Ageing cannot be prevented, but its consequences can be diminished by proper feeding. The owner often notices that his or her dog is getting on in life by the dog’s decreasing activity level due to signs of wear on joints, muscular atrophy and cardiovascular problems. Digestion itself becomes less efficient. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are not absorbed as well as before. Therefore food for older dogs should include high quality and concentrated nutrients, minerals and vitamins allowing many of the digested substances to be optimally utilised by the dog’s body.

6. “Please introduce me around when I’m young so I’m not afraid of strangers.”


Introducing your puppy to people or other dogs at an early life-stage can help them become more comfortable around strangers later on in life.

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