The ABC of hamsters

Hamsters are one of the most loved of all house pets. Not only do they look so cute but golden and dwarf hamsters make fun housemates. So that they too can feel at home with us humans, there are a few things that we should keep in mind. The experts from Maxi Zoo have compiled a hamster ABC.

Accommodation wire cages, terrariums and aquariums are all suitable. These rodents can exploit their love of climbing in a cage but glass boxes are escape-proof.

Babies they come naked and blind into the world – but even after 12 days they’re scrambling out of the nest with their eyes still closed.

Children hamsters don’t necessarily make children happy – and vice versa. They are only active at night and stroking and cuddling often only mean stress for these sensitive rodents.

China the Chinese striped hamster at up to 11 cm long is one of the largest of the dwarf variety.

Daytime sleeper hamsters like peace and quiet during the daytime – a secure sleeping den is a must!

Diet this isn’t very rich in their barren homelands: the main thing is that they get ample protein. So, to a teaspoonful of pre-mixed food, just add a little piece of dog biscuit as well.

Free running  potential hazards lurk everywhere in the home (power cables, heavy furniture, room plants). The animals can disappear nimbly into a corner and not come back out again.

Golden hamsters these are by far the best known of the hamster clan.

Homing instincts all rodents lay scent trails which are odourless to us so they can always find their way back to their den.

Loners  golden hamsters don’t want flatmates. Dwarf hamsters are the gregarious ones.

Males  it’s the female  who mainly wear the trousers. Older Campbell females will even attack their male comrades. Bear this in mind when you make your selection!

Nose  hamsters have poor eyesight but an exceptionally fine sense of smell.

Room these animals love to run and need plenty of space for climbing, playing and hiding.

Species  according to their size, hamsters are subdivided into large hamsters (e. g. field hamsters), medium hamsters (e. g. golden hamsters) and dwarf hamsters (e. g. Dzungaria hamsters).

Tameness  with a lot of patience and love, hamsters can become trusting… maybe.

Vitality hamsters will display this when they wake up full of beans in the evening. The treadmill, which today has become almost synonymous with hamsters, is a real thrill for them.

Weapon in an emergency, defensive hamsters will use their small but sharp teeth.

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