Achieve a Work-Pet Balance!

For many of us that dream of having a pet, a dog will be the first animal that springs to mind.  We envisage brisk early morning walks and long strolls in the evenings and weekends; however, both you and your pet’s limits may soon be reached if you are not realistic regarding the time you have to dedicate.

Pet experts from Maxi Zoo stress that we should think long and hard about the type of companion we choose, with a spokesperson advising “once you have bought a pet they will be come a member of your family for many years.  Think about the kind of care your desired animal requires, if it is suited to being alone for longer periods of time and be willing to consider an alternative pet that might be better suited to your lifestyle.”  Maxi Zoo has provided some basic information about the type of companionship different animals need.

Dogs don’t like to be separated from their owners, especially for several hours.  Even if a dog doesn’t howl or chew shoes to pieces during their owner’s absence, he or she can still suffer.  Canines need exercise and to have something active to do for at least an hour over the course of the day.  If you want a dog but work long hours, you need to be able to offer your pet an alternative.  For example, a relative or neighbour could look after them in your absence or you could hire a dog sitter or doggy day care to play with your pet.  The ideal solution would be to have your dog accompany you to your office if it’s allowed or alternatively to work from home and only leave for short periods of time.

Cats, on the other hand, are fine with being alone but prefer to have a feline friend if they have to do without the company of their owner all day. Outdoor cats have the advantage of being able to amuse themselves outside. Cat owners should set aside time in the evening for cuddling and playing – despite their independent ways, cats still love attention.

Small animals and rodents are ideal pets for working owners, as they are active at dusk and at night. Chinchillas, degus, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rats mostly sleep during the day and are awake in the evening, when you have time to spend with them. However, except for hamsters, none of these animals should be kept alone! All of them need at least one friend of the same species.

Birds such as budgerigars or canaries don’t like to be alone and should be kept in at least pairs. Keep in mind however that they may already be asleep, or only awake for a short period of time, after you come home.

Fish are the perfect pet if you don’t have any time or patience for cuddling and playing after work. An aquarium requires maintenance, but you can easily do this on the weekend. Plus, observing underwater goings-on can have a calming and balancing effect. If you require any further information on what type of best would best suit your Lifestyle, visit the pet experts at your local Maxi Zoo.


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