Aqua fitness for Fido

Is your dog a right little water rat? From their first steps, some “super-swimmer” breeds and mongrels can barely be held back when they get a sniff of water.  But even dogs which aren’t keen on going for a splash at least enjoy going leg deep into the water when it’s hot. Whether Fido’s a copious swimmer or just likes to cool off, you can encourage him to become a true water athlete with some great water toys, and by exercising him to the full even when it’s hot.

Does your dog love retrieving?

Then see if he will fetch a ball, a Frisbee or a water ring for you from the lake. Using a special aqua toy from your Maxi Zoo store is best as these toys are water-tight and can withstand vigorous water play. Apart from that, it floats on the surface so Fido doesn’t have to dive for it if he doesn’t want to. You shouldn’t throw the toy non-stop. First of all, you’ll turn your pet into a “ball junkie” and second, he can burn himself out with the constant fetching when it’s hot. As an alternative, you could sometimes hide the ball or ring in some shady bushes near the bathing pond and let your dog search for it. That will give him exercise that’s a bit less stressful in summer temperatures!

Give your bow-wow breaks!

Above all, remember to take breaks in the shade. Even when your four-legged friend is playing in cool water, remember that the sun is shining down and you must take care that Fido doesn’t get sunburned or suffer from heatstroke or sunstroke. Always call him back to you and encourage him to keep quietly busy with a chew toy. But before that, rub him down thoroughly with a towel so he doesn’t get chilled.

Bathing your barker

In principle, you can bathe anywhere dogs are allowed and where there are no health hazards. Sparsely frequented lakes and ponds are great places. But take care here that your pet doesn’t pester the other bathers or chase after water birds. Clean streams are just as inviting for a little game with the ball or aqua ring. Take caution with salt water, as if your dog drinks this he could get severe diarrhea. Swimming baths and pools should also be taboo as these contain chlorinated water. A better option is to provide Fido with a doggie swimming pool in the garden with non-chlorinated water. In a dog pool, he can splash away in glorious style and if he’s not much into swimming, he can get used to playing in the water.
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