Aquarium and pond Products & Accessories

Aquariums and fish make for great family pets, from the children’s first fish bowl to the 300 litre warm water aquarium tank. Visit us at Maxi Zoo, we have everything you’ll need to look after your aquatic friends. You’ll find over 8,000 products instore combined with advice you can trust from our skilled team.

Aquarium and Pond fish food and health

Aquarium and pond fish have specific nutritional needs that can vary on the fish breed, size and habitat. At Maxi Zoo, we carry a wide range of food for all types of fishes, from fish food flakes to goldfish food pellets. We stock all leading brands such as JBL, Tetra, Hagen and much more as well as Maxi Zoo’s own exclusive brand range of balanced nutritional food.

Aquarium and pond decorations and habitat

Aquariums and ponds are a complex ecosystem that needs TLC. You can find everything you need in our stores to maintain the health of your tank like water test kits and treatments, bulbs, decorations, gravel and more. We also carry a beautiful selection of aquarium and pond plants, live or natural looking plastic to embellish your tank.

Advice & Tips to care for your aquarium and pond

At Maxi Zoo, we have a highly qualified and fully trained team that are always available in our stores to provide the best advice and tips on how to care for your goldfishes, aquarium and pond. For the best products, advice and discounts, visit your local store today and see our full range, including:
We are Ireland’s largest pet retailer and have all of your favourite brands in stock, including exclusive brands to Maxi Zoo