A Change of Scenery

Our scaly friends can enjoy the holiday mood too! Fresh decor with new hidey-holes is exciting for both people and fish. Here’s how you can redesign your aquarium imaginatively for your particular species of fish.

Aquarium refurbishment

Kitting out an aquarium means providing the fish with a living space which is as close as possible to nature. Many aquatic creatures very happily adopt hollows and stones as hideouts. Other decorative elements won’t disturb them – so with a few basic rules you can let your imagination roam free on decoration. It’s perfectly ok for you to provide a “change of scenery” in the aquarium now and again as long as you use the right accessories.

Pimp out your aquarium

There are many styles to choose from, an antique look or a pirate style for example. It doesn’t matter if you comb through your Maxi Zoo store for sunken shipwrecks, secret treasure chests and small diving figures that live in the underwater world or if you’d rather go for something natural with large stones and non-tangling roots– whatever takes your fancy and doesn’t damage the fish. Using natural materials is quite ok too, but you must ensure that these won’t rot or give off harmful substances into the water. In any case, you’ll be covering all your bases if you use only special aquarium accessories which are guaranteed to contain no unsuitable materials. Vigorously brush off everything you put into the aquarium first under running water – and don’t use detergent, of course. Boiling decorative elements first is not really necessary, according to expert opinion – thorough washing will suffice.

Hidey- holes     

Fish love it when they can use new hidey-holes. By the way, the fish don’t care whether an amazing pirate landscape now evolves around them or an antique-look aquarium. Only one thing is important to them, that they have hollows where they can find a hiding place. Just how you design these hideouts is again entirely up to you. If you’re building stone terraces, it’s best to use volcanic rock, pebbles, granite or slate. These types of stone don’t contain water-hardening components which is important for the quality of the water. If you’re decorating with roots, the ends should be weighted down so they don’t float to the surface. If that’s too much hassle, you can purchase tropical wood which is heavier than water.

A change of scenery

Incidentally, you can take the phrase “change of scenery” quite literally. The simplest option for creating a new style in the aquarium without changing the living space of the fish would be a new background picture! To do this, simply buy a photographic backdrop to suit your taste and fix this to the back of the aquarium from outside with transparent adhesive tape. Voila – the new background is finished! Maybe you fancy a somewhat tropical look in your living room to get you into the holiday mood?


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