The Aquarium for Beginners

Bright shoals of fish dart in and out of and hide behind lush green plants. A well tended aquarium is wonderful to look at and creates a tropical atmosphere wherever it’s placed. In addition to this the gentle sound of the mechanism is relaxing and reduces stress. Those who wish to take up this fascinating hobby should observe a certain points so that the balance of life in their little water world remains stable. The experts from Maxi Zoo answer the most important questions relating to a beginners aquarium.

What sort of aquarium?

A fresh water aquarium and the classic right angled shaped tank are recommended for beginners – the famous gold fish bowl is not suitable. By gradually increasing the size of the aquarium, the water quality becomes more stable and important parameters such as the pH value and oxygen and nitrogen levels are less subject to fluctuations. A capacity of around 100 litres, equal to a length of 80 cm, is the correct size for a beginner’s tank.

What sort of equipment?

So that the animals and plants behind the glass can survive they need a filter, a heating element and lighting of a size in proportion to the tank. These and other accessories such as decorative back walls, roots, stones and cleaning equipment can be found in specialist stores.

What sort of decorations?

Before you decorate your aquarium you should firstly think about the fish. In this way you can choose plants, gravel etc according to the needs of the future inhabitants. Water plants are good oxygen providers, which when properly arranged, add to the depth of the tank. Rocks and roots provide the fish with variety and places to hide.

What sort of fish?

The fish are always the last to go into the tank and the prepared aquarium should be allowed to stand for between two and three weeks. This allows it to settle down and produce the important micro organisms. If you put the fish in too early you can shorten their life span! Don’t choose too many different sorts of fish – ideally select one sort of fish for each level of the aquarium as the fish prefer different areas of the water. Popular fish for beginners are neon tetras, zebra-fish, White Cloud Mountain minnows, guppies, platy-fish or pentazona barbs. Catfish, as algae eaters, are generally also a good choice. Further types of fish and information about their living requirements and what sorts of fish can live together are available from the pet experts at Maxi Zoo.


Regarding the decoration and equipment for your aquarium please consult one of our members of staff in your local store. So that you can get the most out of your new hobby straight away, please note that the tank should be placed on a stable piece of furniture in a quiet area of the house. It should not be placed in direct sunlight or near a radiator.


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