Bath time for pets?

Regular bathing is actually not necessary for any pet, means stress for many and is even unhealthy for some.

Washing your cat

Animals generally need a shampoo or care product that is specially designed for their skin. Products for humans are not suitable. Medicinal shampoos are available at vets and should only be used on their explicit recommendation. Use lukewarm water. It is also important that your pet is used to the hairdryer. Blow-drying is an absolute must, except perhaps in the middle of summer, as animals with a wet coat easily catch a cold in a draught. The thicker the undercoat, the longer it stays damp and must be dried thoroughly.

Animals should be introduced to bathing and grooming step by step. Otherwise, their fear and stress can outweigh the positive effects.

Cats clean themselves

Cats are often afraid of water, and the cliché exists for a good reason. They don’t need to bathe. Their tongue is all they need to keep clean. Cats use their tongue to remove dead hair, dust particles and even parasites. A fully grown cat spends up to five hours a day grooming themselves. They can even elegantly untangle slight tangles and clumps of hair with their strong tongues and front teeth. Should you bathe a cat with an oily coat? Only in extreme cases, if necessary for health reasons, and only with a special shampoo. Shampoos for humans or dogs are not suitable for cats long-term due to their pH value. Don’t forget to comb your cat before bathing them! If you bathe a tangled cat, their coat will knot up even more.
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