If you would like a more exotic pet, then maybe a Bengal cat is just what you’re looking for. The bengal is a cross between Asian leopard cats and the common domestic cat. It is quite a large and athletic cat. The Bengal is spotted and covered in short, shiny fur. The Bengal is now nothing like it’s ancestors and has the temperament of a domestic cat, but still has the exotic look. The Bengal is the only dross between a wild and domestic cat that is widely accepted as a pet.

The Bengal is a large and athletic cat. It is beautifully spotted with a strong and powerful frame. Adult males grow to 10-18lbs, while females only grow to be 7-12lbs. The Bengal has a very muscular body which resembles it’s ancestors feral, powerful appearance. It has a long, wedge-shaped face with almond shaped eyes. It also has small, round ears which resemble a tiger’s ears.

The bengal’s spots are patterned horizontally, and this pattern is far from a random one like it is with most tabby cats. Every bengal cat has a different pattern of spots and each pattern is completely unique.

The Bengals colours are brown tabby, seal lynx point, seal sepia tabby and seal mink tabby. The spots can be black, brown, tan, chocolate or cinnamon, which are usually highlighted by the base fur colour. This contrast of colours and distinguishable fur patterns is unique to the Bengal and make it quiteg. Some Bengals even have a lustrous glow to their fur. The coat is short with a thick, luxurious, unusually soft texture.

The Bengal is an extremely active cat, due to its powerful form. Bengals are lively, energetic cats with a bit of feline curiosity. The Bengal is the definition of graceful, strong, and above all, agile. Bengals love to climb, like most cats do, and will move towards the highest point in a room. Bengals are extremely intelligent, they learn fast and can be taught several tricks. Just remember to reward them with a treat afterwards. In some cases they have been known to open cupboards, tamper with light switches and even flush a toilet! Contrary to popular belief, Bengals love water and will dive into a bathtub if they get the chance!
Bengals form strong, emotional bonds with their human friends which most cats don’t do. They become as loyal a companion as a dog would be. They need a lot more human interaction than most cats do due to this strong bond and their active nature. They are a breed which require a lot of attention so make sure you have the time to take care of this graceful feline.

The Bengal is quite easy to look after.  Just a brief combing on a weekly basis will keep Tiger looking glossy and exotic.

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