At Maxi Zoo we believe birds can be ideal companions that deserve to be happy and healthy. That’s why you’ll find over 8,000 products instore combined with advice you can trust from our skilled team. If it’s toys, perches, cages, or aviaries, we have everything you need to look after your feathered friends!

Pet Bird Cages & Accessories

Any home should be safe and secure for your pet, but also be a place where they feel comfortable and can enjoy themselves. Weather it’s for parakeets, canaries, finches, or cockatiels, we can provide the right cage for your winged friends!

Bird Food, Snacks, & Crackers

The right bird food is crucial to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Here at Maxi Zoo, we make sure that all the products in our selection can provide the right nutrients for your bird. From budgies to parrots, we have the right nuts, seeds, granule and snacks to make sure no one goes hungry!

Wild Bird Food & Feeders

Wild birds can sometimes struggle to find food in the wild. You can help these little birds have better access to food all year round with our range of food and wild bird feeders. If you’re interested in helping these birds stay healthy, our fully trained in-store staff can offer the best advice.

Advice & Tips for your Bird

At Maxi Zoo, we have a highly qualified and fully trained team that are always available in our stores to provide the best advice and tips on your bird’s nutrition, care and health. From dietary advice to housing suggestions & training tips. We are here to help your birdies, for every life stage and health level. We love to see pets visit our store and we also offer a free pet weighing service.

For the best products, advice and discounts, visit your local store today and see our full range, including:

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