Birds and heat stroke – dangerous and avoidable

Hot weather can be dangerous for animals, and not just in hot cars – extreme heat is more dangerous than extreme cold for some animals.

Overheating puts a great strain on an animal’s heart and circulation. In the worst case, this is fatal – for both humans and animals. Humans cool themselves by sweating, but many animals can’t sweat, or only to a limited degree. Birds open their beaks wide and breathe audibly if they become too hot.

If you observe the following symptoms, then it’s not “just” overheating and you should find a vet as quickly as possible: red, swollen tongue, sticky saliva, vomiting, fainting, spasms and lethargy.

If this occurs, move your pet into the shade immediately and cool them down using damp towels and water. Then, take them to the vet! Reacting quickly is vital to ensure the survival of your pet.

Many types of birds like the heat, mainly from hot climates, such as the Australian steppe. A patch of shade in the cage or aviary is enough for budgerigars, lovebirds and diamond doves – but they will probably sit in the sun. It is important to provide a full bath for birds to cool off in.

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