Boxer Dogs

Boxers may look like tough and sturdy little things but they are just as playful and lovable as any other dog. Boxers will fit into any family, they get along with children and other pets. Sometimes they are even known to make best friends with a feline friend.

The Look of a Boxer

Boxers a recognisable square form, it makes them look quite powerful and compact. They have lean muscles that you can normally see underneath their skin. The boxer carries itself in a proud and almost graceful manner. They have chiselled heads, which is proportional to their bodies, with open nostrils and a broad snout. They have sturdy necks, short backs, docked tails and straight front legs. They also have taut coats that are very close-fitting. The boxer can come in a variety of colours, including beige, tawny brown, and shades of red with white markings.

What They Are Like to Live With

Boxers will use their paws regularly, normally to make playful swipes at their bowl, toys or friends. Don’t just stand there and look at them lovingly, if they are batting at their water bowl, your boxer is sending you a message. They are quite clever and will try to tell you what they need. Boxers also love to carry things around the house. This could be a toy, a shirt, a slipper or just about anything.

Loyal and affectionate, Boxers love to be the centre of attention. If you give them plenty of playtime, walks and obedience games, they will be your loyal and loving companion for life. They are extremely protective of their environment, making them very dependable guard dogs. What most people don’t know is that they are generally friendly, and sometimes even giddy, especially when meeting new people. An excellent companion to kids, they might be too energetic with the very young, but they never lose their patience or good nature.

Things You Should Know

Boxers are known to sometimes try to dominate their owners. You can take care of this by having a firm but friendly hand with them. If acquired as a puppy, make sure your Boxer gets adequate training and social interaction to ensure they have a happy and energetic personality. An untrained Boxer can be quite a handful.

Boxers are sensitive to temperature extremes. Their short muzzles make it difficult for them to cool themselves down in humid weather, and unfortunately their coats are not thick enough for the cold. If you live in an extreme temperature area, you should properly consider getting another breed of dog.
A healthy Boxer can live as long as 14 years. Common health problems include tumours (especially in older Boxers), skin allergies, hip dysplasia and heart problems. They also tend to drool and snore. Like most active dogs, they need loads of exercise, activity and human interaction to maintain good health and a cherry nature.

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