British Short Hair

The British shorthair is a large and powerful feline. It has a wide chest and short legs, both of which are quite strong. It has a strong neck and a large head. It has medium-sized ears that are set apart, fitting into the contour of the head. The shorthair has wide eyes and a big nose. Full cheeks and large, well-rounded whisker pads make the cat look like it’s smiling. As you might guess, the overall impression of the cat is one of roundness. Brits mature very slowly, reaching their physical peak after about five years.

The Brit’s most common colour is blue but it also can have different hues to its fur. It can even come in colours such as chocolate, lavender, the Siamese pattern or a mixture of this with white.

This cat has a very plush and luxurious coat. It’s thick fur stands out from the body and it is very velvety to the touch. The coat will change with the seasons with the greatest coat thickness occurring in the winter months.

British shorthairs are quiet but confident cats with a touch of British reserve. They will be quite shy towards you at first, and they like to keep a low profile. But once this cat gets used to you they will become very loving and playful towards you. They are quiet creatures but have a very vocal purr.
Brits enjoy following their owners from room to room to keep an eye on all activities. They also enjoy their human friends. But keep in mind that they also enjoy their alone time. They love a bit of attention, but need to be left alone sometimes as well. This is great for those who spend time out of the house during the day, and make the Brit a great pet.
You should know that this cat is not a lap cat, and they don’t appreciate being picked up either. They will happily sit next to their owners but will put up a bit of a struggle if you try to lift them.

Grooming a British shorthair is extremely easy. Because of this cat’s thick undercoat, a weekly brush for about ten minutes is all it needs. However, breeders recommend daily grooming during the spring and fall shedding seasons to keep your Brit looking beautiful and avoid a surplus of hair on everything you own. Bathing this cat is not necessary unless you plan to show.

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