Canaries – the right food

Seeds and treats

A grain mixture of sweet rape seed and canary seed (into which linseed, Niger seed, salad seed, shelled oats, millet, poppy and low quantities of hemp are mixed) is the basis for good nutrition. High quality ready food mixes are available in any Maxi Zoo shop. Individual packs of hemp and shelled oats are also available.
Canaries are gourmets. They therefore only pick out the treats – mostly the oil-rich hemp seeds. But to avoid the little singers getting too chubby, only two heaped teaspoons of seed mix should be given per bird per day.

Natural nibbles

Canaries are happy about budding branches from native deciduous trees on mild late winter days. Birch, beech, linden, poplar, willow and some conifers for example are very suitable.
If spring starts in its full glory, the feathered singers also like the taste of dandelion and daisy flowers. The food on offer expands in May with the first seeds from shepherd’s purse, plantain and parsley with important vitamins.
A lot of fruit ripens in autumn. Birds also love cucumber and young carrots. All meals have to be full of minerals. Canaries take out small stones containing minerals from the bird sand, available in every Maxizoo shop, which is important for the digestion. Fresh forest earth is also good for the small gourmets as it offers plenty of minerals.

Red canaries require special food which can be bought in the Maxizoo shop. The birds lose the colour of their plumage if they are lacking this nutrient. It is therefore very important that this substance is fed increasingly during moulting.

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