Very stylish: cat furniture with more than mere function

Whoever keeps a cat, especially if it’s a true stay-at-home armchair tiger, also needs a scratching tree so that moggie can sharpen her claws regularly. And, quite clearly of course, comfortable sleeping quarters are very, very important. You’ll be spoilt for choice among an abundance of products on offer. The good news is: there’s some very stylish cat furniture about which not only fulfils its purpose but can also be a real eye-catcher in your home!

Your cat’s bed

Whether it’s a comfy basket or a fluffy blanket for the cat, moggie has to feel good. She has to accept the bedding and want to curl up on it. So functionality is important. It may also be very important to you that the basket is easy to clean and, particularly for those sharing their life with a free-roamer, it’s practical. Fancy the idea of jazzing up your four walls with a cat sofa? These come in really trendy designs and fit in with any furnishings, and many a little tiger will enthrone themselves eagerly atop such an awesome place to sleep and accept this attention-getter with enthusiasm.

Scratching trees

It’s precisely with scratching trees that a great many cat owners feel it’s important that this fine piece not only offers the cat assorted facilities for scratching, climbing and sleeping but also looks great. Particularly cats in that can’t get out will love a scratching world in the living room with diverse platforms for sleeping (from which they get a great panoramic view!), springing from one level to the next and clambering around on. Because such cat furniture is highly conspicuous and takes up a lot of space in the home, it matters a lot too many people that it should be an attractive model. And also because, as the cat psychologists recommend, it should in no way be hidden in a dark corner but rather be set up in a central position so that moggie accepts the offer with genuine thanks and doesn’t go sinking her claws into the TV armchair. You’ll be sure to find the right tree to your taste in your local Maxi Zoo store. The materials are diverse, from sisal posts with plush lairs to smaller rattan or banana leaf designs, there’s something for everyone’s taste. You’ll also be spoilt for choice with the most varied of colours! OK, you have to accommodate moggie’s preferences, which material does she find really great and would she rather have a high post or a small tree? Give it a try… and be chuffed with the new cat furniture as a handsome eye-catcher in your home!

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