Cat Litter

People can be picky about their own bathroom habits, so is it any surprise that cats will be picky about theirs? Choosing a litter can be an important decision, for best chances of pleasing your feline friend, makes sure you know the information necessary to choose the right litter for her, and for you.

Non-clumping litter

Using non-clumping litter has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. It is designed to absorb instead of hardening into clumps. However, changing the litter box becomes quite a chore with non-clumping litter. Feces still has to be scooped out daily, but urine sits in the litter until it begins to smell, and the only way to clean the box is to dump it all out and replace it with fresh litter. If you wish to avoid juggling rubbish bags and heavy, smelly litter boxes, non-clumping litter may not be the right choice for you, or your cat, as you will inevitably put off changing the litter box.  Premiere Moments Non Clumping Litter, a Maxi Zoo exclusive, is gentle on paws, ideal for kittens and longhaired cats, and lasts an amazing 6 weeks before a change is needed.

Clumping litter

The beauty of clumping litter is that rather than absorbing urine until the litter becomes saturated and smelly, the litter forms hard clumps around the urine. As a result, the litter box is easy to manage: just use a slotted litter scoop to remove clumps and feces, leaving the loose litter in the box for next time. As the level drops, just refill the box with fresh litter.  If you prefer this method opt instead for Maxi Zoo’s Premiere Excellence Cat Litter, which has won awards in both Austria and Denmark for its clumping ability and clean smell!


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