That perfect, quiet, private toilet…

Cats are by nature clean. They hate unpleasant odours and prefer to do their business discretely and undisturbed. Cat owners who stick to a few basic rules will ensure their cat feels comfortable when using their toilet. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain just what these rules are.

The quieter, the better.

The location of the cat toilet is all-important: the right place is a quiet place but certainly not near where the cat eats or sleeps. And if you have several cats, you should also provide several toilets.

A quiet place

It is important to remember that almost all outdoor cats prefer to do their business outside. If this isn’t possible, the litter tray in your house or flat naturally becomes a much more important place.  Please both puss and yourself with an Arist-o-Cat Butterfly Toilet, designed to be an attractive apartment accessory in addition to its regular function! Excusive to Maxi Zoo, these covered litter boxes keep unsightly business out of view and instead showcase a funky Butterfly motif.  As the design is moulded directly with the material rather than stamped on afterwards, this top of the line litter box is scratch resistant and long lasting.

If your cat meows and wants to go outside, carry them to the litter tray and coax them. Encourage your pet by stroking them and take them to the litter tray time and time again, insisting gently if you need to. If you have several cats, provide at least two trays. You can use air fresheners and odour neutralising sprays to make their quiet place more attractive.  Maxi Zoo carries a variety of attachable sprays and refills to place near the box, as well as fresheners that can even be placed inside the top of kitty’s box!

The bigger, the more comfortable.

The size of the cat toilet is crucial. Your cat must be able turn around in it and also stretch out comfortably. If they feel cramped in the loo, they may stop going there and look for somewhere in your house that’s more comfortable.

The cleaner, the more popular.

The cat litter in the toilet should always be clean and several centimetres deep, as your cat likes to scrape it over, just as in nature. Cats are disgusted by uncleanliness or stink. Therefore it’s important that the toilet is easy to clean and, for the sake of your home doesn’t leak. Cat toilets come in various shapes and sizes. Cat owners can basically choose between open litter tray toilets or enclosed, hooded toilets. Open toilets have the advantage that they are slower to develop odours which are unpleasant for the cat. Hooded toilets, on the other hand, offer privacy, and these are also now available with built-in filters which absorb odours.

The best loo for cat pooh?

In general, the bigger the toilet the more comfortable it will be for your cat. There are smaller options for special situations; triangular toilets can be used in tight areas as space-saving corner solutions. But these are still only suitable as additional toilets. Apart from these, you can obtain special models for travelling. There are two types of cat litter: non-clumping litter where each individual grain or pellet soaks up fluid completely and clumping litter which forms clumps in contact with fluid and these can simply be replaced. Deo-sticks, which can be fixed to the edge of the toilet, keep the air fresh. Alternatively, you can use odour-eater type sprays.

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