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The health benefits of nutrition

A balanced diet is the best basis for a long, happy and healthy life with plenty of energy. But what exactly does healthy nutrition mean for cats and dogs? We’ve put together the most important facts and tips for you. Anyone who decides to pay more attention to giving their pet a healthy, balanced diet […]

What to do if your cat isn’t drinking enough

It is very important to ensure your cat drinks plenty of fluids throughout the summer. Unfortunately, many moggies are exceptionally lazy when it comes to drinking. Our tips will help you turn the wet elixir of life into a tasty treat for your pet. Cats love the warmth and sunshine and revel in the increasing […]

Understanding bacteria’s role

Bacteria are small micro-organisms consisting of just one cell. They multiply by cell division and are responsible for various metabolic functions.

Ideal figure or overweight cat

How to establish whether your cat’s weight is normal or if the cat is overweight or underweight.

How to slim down your fat cat

More and more cats are kept as indoor cats. Little exercise and plenty of treats pile on the pounds. A doting cat owner often does not realise that fat cats get sick more frequently and that it is likely that the life expectancy of the cat is reduced as well. What can you do if the cat is already overweight, how can the cat lose weight?

How to choose your cat’s food

So many manufacturers, so many different types of dry and wet food. Below you find a quick outline and helpful tips on feeding your feline friends.

Fussy eating cats

Hardly any animal is as choosy as a cat when it comes to food. One will not eat any dry food, another no wet food and yet another will not eat anything with fish.

Dry or wet food

Cat owners know only too well that many felines are extremely fussy eaters and know exactly what they like and don’t like. They may prefer one type of tinned or dry food, or reject one particular type of food completely.

Cut The fat

The one thing most people want to get rid of after Christmas is those extra pounds from over-indulging over the festive season. This is also the perfect opportunity to think about the (ideal) weight of your pet…