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The health benefits of nutrition

A balanced diet is the best basis for a long, happy and healthy life with plenty of energy. But what exactly does healthy nutrition mean for cats and dogs? We’ve put together the most important facts and tips for you. Anyone who decides to pay more attention to giving their pet a healthy, balanced diet […]

What cats and dogs need now

Optimal care during the moulting season Over the next few weeks, cats and dogs will need some extra grooming to keep their skin healthy and their coats shiny. Cats and dogs shed their summer coats to allow their winter fur to grow. Pet owners know that it’s that time of year again when clumps of […]

Mixing Wet and Dry food for dogs

Mixing wet and dry food When it comes to feeding dogs, owners get into heated discussions about whether dry or wet food is better. In fact, the best solution lies in the middle – with mixed feeding. 1. So what exactly is “mixed feeding”? Mixed feeding means that instead of giving dogs an exclusive diet […]

Which Minerals for my Dog?

“My dog should be lacking for nothing!” Dog owners love their dogs and sometimes give too much of a good thing, with the best of intentions, of course.

Understanding bacteria’s role

Bacteria are small micro-organisms consisting of just one cell. They multiply by cell division and are responsible for various metabolic functions. As exciting as the life of these minute organisms might be, as pathogens they can also cause a lot of harm. But not all bacteria are harmful and bad:

Table manners

The meal is scarcely on the table and Fido’s already at his post. Wearing his best faithful basset hound face, even if he isn’t one, and cocking his expectant head to the side. He’s hoping for a piece of roast beef, a potato or even a tomato to fall his way. Main thing is – he gets something! His people can seldom resist this whole begging act.

Obesity in dogs

The Christmas season does not leave our four-legged friends unscathed either. A treat from the doggy advent calendar, another extra bone here and there – and of course a tasty Christmas stocking for pooch. We mean well and want to spoil our dog just a bit, but it is also a bit rash. Too many or unhealthy and toxic treats (including ordinary chocolate) put too many pounds on our dog and can seriously affect the dog’s health.

Feeding tips for your dog

You should usually feed your dog twice a day. Whether you feed your dog one ‘main meal’ and a smaller meal, or two similar sized helpings will depend on your dog. Some animals are fussy eaters and they are best fed two similar sized meals. Dogs belonging to the “insatiable” class of dogs should be given a main meal and a smaller helping per day.

Dog food types

Dogs are carnivores. However, this term is somewhat misleading as the dog not only eats the flesh of its prey but the entire animal, warts and all. In this way the dog gets all essential nutrients from the prey. This includes the minerals and vitamins contained in blood, bones and internal organs as well as any plant matter present in the prey’s stomach.

Dog food for life stages

“What’s the best way to feed my dog?” – Every responsible dog owner will have asked this question. Nowadays it’s easy to give your four-legged friend the right food, as the range of complete foods is wide. They give Fido all of the nutrients he needs to lead an active life, but it makes sense to meet your animal’s individual needs when choosing their food. A puppy should get different food to an older dog and now “made-to-measure” food is now available for all different sizes of dog.

Cut the fat

The one thing most people want to get rid of after Christmas is those extra pounds from over-indulging over the festive season. This is also the perfect opportunity to think about the (ideal) weight of your pet…

Animal bones

Many people associate dogs and bones. Dogs have been fed scraps since times immemorial. This naturally includes bones. As tasty meat is left on the bone, dogs love gnawing bones and can spend hours until even the last bit of meat has disappeared.