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Important underwater support

The substrate in your aquarium In an aquarium, the substrate is not only there to enhance the tank’s appearance – it also gives the plants somewhere to put down roots and creates a natural environment for your fish. When setting up a new tank, the substrate plays an important role. After all, it needs to […]

Natural ways to combat algae

Underwater aquatic plants in your garden pond Even though aquatic plants look quite unremarkable, they are actually the unsung heroes of your pond. They play an extremely important role in maintaining the biological equilibrium of the water. Most pond owners plant pretty, blooming varieties along the edge of their ponds and frequently decorate the surface […]

Winter-proof your pond

Pond owners should start preparing for winter once trees start to lose their leaves in autumn. Fallen branches, leaves and dead plant matter represent a great danger for hibernating animals – and have to be removed. The experts from Maxi Zoo have put together everything that pond owners should do before the cold sets in.

Suburban oasis: the garden pond habitat

A pond in your own garden depicts an oasis of rest and recuperation. This garden design highlight looks beautiful and is at the same time a beneficial biotope for human and animal alike. The garden pond is a habitat for fish, frogs and other creatures and provides flora of a very special kind.

Spring clean your pond

The yearly cycle begins once again and even after a hard winter, nature awakes and brings forth new life – this also includes the garden pond. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some tips on how pond owners can get their aquatic biotope ready for the year ahead.

Young fish in an aquarium

At last… a new generation has arrived in the aquarium and everyone’s thrilled with this exciting event. With some fish, everything goes swimmingly, but sometimes the young suddenly disappear without a trace. Experts from Maxi Zoo explain how aquarium enthusiasts can assist in making sure everything works out well.

Feeding Fish

They won’t actually make a huge fuss, but even fish don’t always like eating the same old food. In this respect a varied menu has a raft of positive effects not only for the fish but also their owners. That’s because healthy fish and an aquarium that’s not algae-encrusted is a pleasure to any eye.

Algae overgrowth

Algae overgrowth Algae growth is a fact of life that every aquarium owner will face sooner or later. Some algae growth is normal and healthy, but excess algae growth is unsightly and can be hazardous to fish and plants. Like any plant life, algae thrive on three basic necessities: water, sunlight and nutrients. If an […]