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Hygiene in the terrarium: preventing diseases

Terrarium animals can also become ill. And yet, most illnesses are easy to avoid by following a few rules. Vet and reptile expert Kornelis Biron explains how. Reptiles and amphibians are particularly popular terrarium pets. Which illnesses affect these animals? Pet owners are constantly surprised that terrarium animals can basically become ill just as we […]

Rearing and care

Anthropods in the terrarium Not just for snakes and lizards anymore: Insects, arachnids and millipedes make equally fascinating pets that can be kept in your terrarium. Anthropods represent the largest group of animals in the world. Insects, crabs, arachnids and millipedes all belong to this group. They are united by the fact that they have […]

Veterinary drugs

Usually you get veterinary drugs from your vet. Vets can not only prescribe medicines but their expertise also entitles them to dispense ready-made veterinary preparations and to prepare medicines at their surgery. This makes sense as special preparations are immediately available when needed.

Tortoise tips

Tortoises are calm and patient animals generally known for their capability to live for a very long time. They’re not overly fussy about their living conditions but they do have a couple of requests regarding their habitat and upkeep.

Snake ages

Some animal lovers are drawn to terrarium animals, particularly snakes. Snakes are fascinating creatures, and there is a lot to learn and know about them, such as how snakes actually age.

Pets and mites

Mites can infest any animal and cause horrible itching. These tiny arachnids are invisible to the naked eye but most are very contagious. This is why it is important to identify mites and prevent them from infesting other animals in your house or circle of friends

Help – My pet has stopped eating

It can happen in the best families… Fido or Felix won’t touch their food. Or the pet guinea pigs suddenly stop eating. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain how pet owners should interpret this and what to do about it.

Emergency situations

If an animal has injured itself or has been involved in an accident, the owner or the people who find the animal should take it to a vet as quickly as possible. That is the only way to prevent life threatening consequences. Vets from Maxi Zoo explain what people can do in the way of first aid before getting to a vet.

Cut the fat

The one thing most people want to get rid of after Christmas is those extra pounds from over-indulging over the festive season. This is also the perfect opportunity to think about the (ideal) weight of your pet…

Animals and allergies

Many households are shared with much loved pets that keep the family company and love to be cuddled. One thing that can put a strain on this relationship is an animal allergy