Passionate diggers

Most dogs simply love sticking their paws in the soft soil and digging with fervour, with the dirt flying about in all directions.  Some dig just for fun, and can become almost fixated on their work.  Others paw at the ground to hide a special object or treat, like a chewing bone, a pig’s ear or a piece of beef hide.  But why do they do this?

There are numerous theories as to why dogs bury their treasures.  One such theory is that a dog prefers to have this treats a bit softer, so he’ll leave it up to the ground to do this for him.  One way to eliminate this need is to ensure you purchase only the highest quality chews for your pup.  Maxi Zoo’s Multi Fit Natural Chews are an excellent choice as they are 100% natural and are carefully dried to remain extremely digestible.  Rich in animal proteins, minerals and trace elements, they are a healthy supplement to a dog’s diet, with the added benefit of cleaning and strengthening his or her teeth.  Multi Fit offers a wide variety of chews including Pressed Bones, Beef Paunch, Ox Lung and Beef Pizzle, so that even the fussiest pet is sure to find a palette pleaser!

Choosing the right chew!

The importance of choosing a product to match your pet’s personal chewing habits cannot be underestimated.   An aggressive chewer requires a more compressed material, as anything overly soft may be gulped down in chunks too large for the gastro intestinal tract.  However, a light chewer will be frustrated by material they cannot sink their teeth into and thus won’t receive the dental cleansing so vital for complete health.  Maxi Zoo’s expert staff will be more than happy to discuss your pets’ needs specifically with you, and to assist you in choosing the best personal fit. Maxi Zoo offers a full range of digestible as well as non-edible chews in a multitude of flavours, sizes, shapes, and harness levels. Our personal evaluation and attention will ensure your pet develops a safe, enjoyable and healthy habit!

Beat boredom

Another reason your dog may be digging is out of boredom. Without a proper outlet for energy, dogs have been known to engage in destructive behaviour.  Maxi Zoo caters to this canine craving by providing a variety of mind engaging, entertaining and even educational toys.  For the smaller guys, the exclusive AniOne Natural Collection Eco Toys will prove comforting companionship. Made of only natural, ecologically sound fibres, you have no need to worry that you’re damaging the earth if your pet does bury or lose a toy in the garden.  The larger, more active dogs may opt instead for a Maxi Zoo More4 Flying Rotator.  These brightly coloured discs are tooth friendly and flexible, meaning no mouth discomfort even after hours of play.  Specially designed for maximum trajectory, these discs deliver maximum energy expenditure and fun!
Call into your local store today to discuss your dog’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts.