The animal experts from specialty chain Maxi Zoo reveal more about the world’s smallest dog breed.

A pocket-sized pooch!

With an average weight of just two kilograms, the Chihuahua is ultra lightweight and for this reason alone, is an animal that owners can take everywhere. However, this does not mean that this tiny dog only belongs over arms or in bicycle baskets. This little powerhouse loves exercise and can keep up with long walks or jogging rounds. Despite their size, you can confidently treat a Chihuahua as you would a larger dog. Some Chihuahuas are like self-confident mini guard dogs. This lively, child-friendly breed is also characterised by its intelligence, bravery and loyalty.

Ay Chihuahua!

The tiny canine originates from Mexico and takes its name to the Mexican state of the same name. Tourists from the US are said to have taken it back home with them several decades ago. The breed was christened in the states and later made the leap across the pond to Europe. If you look much further back in history, the Chihuahua’s origins are shrouded in legend. The Aztecs idolised and sacrificed this big-eyed, pointy-eared canine. It could have been that they were prized by Aztec princesses as a favourite accessory. There is also evidence that they were a source of food for Native Americans. Other theories trace the Chihuahua’s origins to China. It is also possible that Chinese Crested Dog reached the American continent and bred with the wild dogs there, creating the Chihuahua.

The perfect pet

Wherever they come from, Chihuahuas are a relatively robust and “weatherproof” breed and can live up to 12 to 16 years with the right diet and care. They come in short and long-haired varieties, in plain and mixed colours: cream, fawn, black and white, brown and white or black and brown. They are even suitable for owners with little space or who live in the city, provided that they go outside several times a day.

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