Choosing the right pet for me ?

Dogs are still the world’s favourite pets. Dogs are intelligent, loyal, happy, and obedient. They bond closely with their owner. But they do require a lot of your time if they are to remain healthy and happy. In Ireland you must be 16yrs old to be able to own a dog by yourself without the help from your parents. So this makes the dog more a family pet than one person’s pet.

Cats have been desirable pets since the days of the Egyptians. They are more independent than dogs and may handle it better if they must stay long periods of the day alone. Cats, like dogs, are better as a family pet than only one person’s pet.  Kids need help from their parents to look after cats as they need yearly vaccinations and trips to the vet

Guinea pigs are gentle, affectionate pets. They can live in small areas. They are easy to feed and, when well maintained, have little odour and produce very little dander. They only live for 5-8 years. Guinea pigs are very social animals and most live in groups of at least two.  Guinea pigs are suitable for kids 6yrs plus

Rabbits They are adorable when they are babies. Some owners just love their pet rabbits and they do well in households with cats. A rabbit makes a great first time pet for kidz from 5yrs plus

Rats, Mice, Gerbils and Hamsters all make good pets if they are handled every day. Rats live 4-6 years; mice 2-3 years. They can be quite affectionate. Most hamsters sleep during the day and can move very quick. The dwarf hamsters can be very small in size. These pets are suitable for kidz that are 8yrs plus

Corn snakes make a great first time snake.  They come in lots of different colour varieties. 10yrs plus is a good age to be a corn snake owner

Bearded dragons are the perfect first time reptile pet, as they are quite easy to handle and can be become very attached to their owners.   Bearded dragons are suitable for Kidz 8yrs plus.

Budgies come in a lot of different colour varieties and make fanatics pets.  A boy budgie is even capable of learning to talk with the right amount of time and patience!  A hand tame budgie can become part of the family and provide a lot of giggles.  Budgies are suitable for Kidz 8yrs plus

So over to you to decide! Come into any Maxi Zoo store to learn more and speak with one of our team.