Christmas cheer for animal lovers

It’s the same dilemma every year – what do you give your nearest and dearest? If you have animal lovers in their family or circle of friends, this gives you the advantage of a wide range of gift ideas. The experts from Maxi Zoo offer some suggestions on what to put under the Christmas tree. What will it be – the bone-shaped paperclips or a play glove for the cat? There are essentially two types of animal gifts: those intended solely for owners and those which also bring joy to pets.

Beautiful and delicious gifts for four-legged friends

One gift that you can be sure will be used on a daily basis is one for feeding the dog or cat, or a place for them to sleep. Alongside water and feed bowls made of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic or melamine with funny motives or pretty designs, you can also get colourful placemats for underneath. These both look good and protect the floor from water and food scraps. Sleeping is just as important as eating, if not more, and the selection of beds, sofas and cushions for canines and velvet paws ranges from cosy to luxurious. Toys for active time also make a great gift, as do glittery, reflector or colourful collars and leads.

Advent calendars with treats for dogs, cats and rodents are particularly nice for your pet  who should be taking part in the run up to Christmas. However, animals can’t open the little doors themselves, masters and mistresses have to help them with that.

Accessories and useful things for owners

There is a wide variety of gifts with animal motifs for two-legged friends, ranging from printed mugs to key rings and much more. Bags, umbrellas and even Wellingtons with animal images ensure that animal lovers make a colourful entrance. You can also find scarves or ties with subtle animal designs. For a special gift for an animal fan, you can’t go past a book – biographies of specific dogs, cats or other animals, general information books or humorous books, such as a recipe book for dogs or cat stories, are just some examples. Last but not least, humorous or home-made signs warning of curious dogs or self-willed cats also make great gifts.

Don’t forget

There is also something for responsible children or teenagers among the large selection of gifts available. Training books or toys go down well with those who enjoy playing with their pet, and baking mixtures for dog snacks are popular too. One thing that does not belong under the Christmas tree, however, is a live animal – unless buying a pet has been planned and discussed at length within the family beforehand.

Christmas Dinner

Many pet owners want to do something special for their pet at Christmas and feed them from the table, which can lead to health problems with many house pets. The Christmas feast is normally too fatty and strongly flavoured for them. Left-over bones, especially poultry bones, are dangerous because they can splinter when chewed and injure the digestive tract. Chewy-bones made from buffalo or cattle skin are better. For great Christmas fun,  there are also snack chews in the shape of crooks, gingerbread men, Santa Claus boots and other Christmassy themes. As well as this, dog or cat food with salmon or duck will comfort your four legged friend for not being able to partake in the Christmas feast together with the rest of the family.

So the giving of gifts to your pet makes a lot of sense – as long as the gift suits the pet and is not just to satisfy human needs, say the Maxi Zoo animal experts. And whoever still finds time to play with their pet, will be guaranteed to have fun. In the end, giving animals a present is like giving one to yourself!
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