Cleaning the bird cage

“Housework” is important: next to feeding, cleaning the bird cage is one of the paramount tasks of a bird fancier. That’s because diseases and parasite infestations can only be prevented by maintaining certain standards of hygiene. Ideally, you should get accustomed to taking these duties as standard during the course of your day. If you get in to a regular routine, even “spring-cleaning” the bird cage isn’t a problem.

Plan a schedule

A care schedule can be very useful in this respect. Daily cleaning of the bird cage includes changing the floor litter. Food remains and droppings can otherwise quickly become nesting sites for dangerous bacteria. After that, wipe over the cage bars, perches, toys and other surfaces with a damp cloth. The food and water bowls must be refilled daily and washed out first with hot water.

Weekly regime

The weekly cleaning is somewhat more comprehensive. The cage floor should be removed, thoroughly cleaned with a brush and special detergent and thoroughly dried off before replacing. Thoroughly clean the perches as well once a week as bacteria are particularly fond of using these as nesting sites. After cleaning, leave the perch to dry completely. And finally, you should also clean the cage toy(s) weekly.

Monthly makeover

A thorough, complete cleaning of the bird cage is called for once a month. This also includes replacing branches in the cage or aviary with new ones as well as inspecting all sleeping nests and nesting boxes for parasite infestation and, where necessary, disinfecting them. Using a good brush, the complete cage is then scrubbed with plenty of water. Do not use cleaning or disinfecting detergents under any circumstances! During the “big clean”, the many small hooks, eyelets, corners and brackets in the bird cage should also not be forgotten. After cleaning, the cage must be thoroughly rinsed out with clear water and thoroughly dried.

If you follow these instructions, so will soon get into such a routine that the daily cleaning will take only a few minutes, the weekly clean a quarter of an hour and the monthly cleaning an hour at the most depending on size. Your birds will reward you with a long life.

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