8 Questions about Cockatiels

Cockatiels continue to enjoy their popularity as one of our favourite pet birds. There has been no lack of demand for the colourful parrots. However, before we decide to bring one of these beautiful birds into our home, we should obtain plenty of information about them. The experts from the specialist chain store are pleased to answer the most frequently asked questions on cockatiels.

1.) How long do cockatiels live?

The average lifespan for cockatiels is 15-20 years. However there have been some cases of cockatiels reaching 30 years of age.

2.) Can cockatiels learn to speak?

Cockatiels are not very well-known for their talkative talents. However they are very skilled in imitating noises and melodies. Anyone, who wants to try and teach their cockatiel a few words, will have the most success with a male bird.

3.) What does the crest tell us about the cockatiel’s mood?

If the crest is pointing directly upwards it shows that the cockatiel is attentive, adventurous and looking for activity. If the crest points upwards but the point of the crest is curved forwards: the bird is agitated and very restless. If the crest is placed loosely towards the back of the head, the bird is calm and relaxed. A crest pointing stiffly to the rear signifies fear and aggression.

4.) Can cockatiels be kept singly?

Please do not do this! In their natural Australian habitat cockatiels are known as flocking birds, therefore please keep them at least in pairs.

5.) Should I buy the birds from a breeder or a pet store?

Almost all birds now come from domestic breeders. It is therefore better to buy birds directly from the breeder. Most pet stores also buy their cockatiels from private or commercial breeders.

6.) Which types of food do cockatiels enjoy?

Suitable feeds for cockatiels are seeds such as millet, canary seeds, nyjer seeds, wheat, kardi seeds or oats. Seeds containing fats such as sunflower seeds and nuts should only be given to the birds in moderation. Foxtail millet is a special tasty titbit. Seed mixtures are also available to buy. You should also regularly offer the cockatiels some greens, fruit and minerals.

7.) And what do they like to drink?

Drinking water for cockatiels should be taken directly from the tap but should be left to stand or be boiled before being given to the birds. Fresh, clean water should be available for the birds daily.

8.) How large should the cage be?

The minimum recommended size for a cage or an indoor aviary for a pair of cockatiels is: 2m x 1m x 1m (L x W x H). If this size is not possible, the surface area for a pair of birds should never be less than 1m².

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