Collies are very friendly, attentive and smart dogs. They are known for their gentle temperament and loyal nature. Collies are a great house pet as they get along well with other animals and with children. Remember that collies will normally be very wary of any strangers visiting the house, or out in public. They will become quite shy and if you visit a dog park, your collie may be unwilling to join in the fun with the other dogs.

The Look of a Collie

People associate collies with TV’s famous Lassie, graceful dogs with long fluffy coats. They have a wedge shaped skull with distinguished features. Collies have pointed hears and noses with firm, muscular bodies, they have quite a wide chest and are covered in long fur. The Collie we are used to is the Rough coated variety, but there is also a smooth coated variety that has a short, thick and smooth coat.  The colouring of a collie varies from sable, white or tricolour, to blue merle or sable merle. Collies are very graceful yet strong dogs and carry themselves very well.

What They Are Like to Live With

Collies adore being the centre of attention and are very playful dogs. The collie is an undemanding dog that requires little upkeep. But every now and again your collie may get a little moody! Normally collies are peaceful and friendly dogs. The collie is a good watch dog and they love to protect their family. They can be a bit territorial of their homes. The collie is the perfect amiable furry friend for any family.

Although collies are undemanding, they love exercise and to ensure your pooch’s happiness you should do so regularly. They don’t need very strenuous exercise and love relaxing around the house most of the time.

Things You Should Know

Despite the perception that collies are just like Lassie, the collie is no rescue dog. You should never count on your collie to alert you someone is hurt or that someone needs help! They are no super dog, just a friendly house pet. Typical collies aren’t working collies, a working collie is a different variety altogether, they are very motivated to do work and need a lot of exercise. If you are thinking about getting one, you should make sure you have a big field with work to do. The working collie isn’t a dog for lazing about the house, but regular collies are more than happy to be a bit lazy!

Grooming and Care: As you can guess from there bushy, long coat, collies require brushing every day and should be professionally groomed on a regular basis. This daily brushing will prevent your collie’s coat from becoming frizzy and getting knotted. Collies are also sensitive to hot weather, their noses burn very easily. When the weather is warmer, make sure you give your collie plenty of water and keep them in the shade.
A healthy Collie can live as long as 16 years. Common health issues include: eye problems, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

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