Winter blues? Not with these top tips!

Scientists believe that animals can suffer from seasonal depression too. Less natural light causes hormonal changes, and that can put anyone in a bad mood! Animals generally display behavioural changes, become lethargic and do not seem to be as happy as in summer. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some tips on how to make exercising in the fresh air and cosy times at home more appealing to cats and dogs in wintertime.


Sleepy kitty

When the days become shorter, most kitties can think of nothing better than moving to the nicest and warmest part of the house and just sleeping. Life consists of dozes and deep sleep, almost like winter hibernation! Treat your cat by creating a special cosy place or buying a new comfy bed. You can also make a cosy place on the window sill directly above the radiator. Encourage your cat to play so that it gets a little exercise. Make sure that you reduce the amount of food in winter and that excess winter fat does not accumulate too much. Make sure to regularly air all rooms out thoroughly so that puss gets some fresh air.

A fun game idea: Where is the mouse?

Take a narrow, stable container which is big enough for a cat’s paw to fit in and place it in the room. This could be a glass vase (so that the cat can see the “prey”), a clay pot or another non-transparent material. Fill the container with tasty treats, high enough so that the cat can fish a piece out with its claws with a bit of effort. If you have a scratching post or a natural wooden trunk you can drill holes in it and hide the treats inside.

Many animal psychologists and people with an understanding of animals swear that soft music increases the well-being of cats and dogs. Fast, hard or hectic music makes animals nervous and this sends them fleeing from the room while Mozart or Vivaldi has a calming effect. Give it a try, relax on the couch together with your cat or dog to classical or meditation music.

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