How to make kitty feel completely comfy

As every cat owner knows, cats are staunch individualists who love to be pampered, but only when they feel like it. A contented purr or a cat lazily dozing off is the best reward a cat owner could wish for in return for his efforts. Our tips will help you ensure that your little tiger truly feels well in himself.

Variety is the key

A cat’s basic, feline needs include having a territory of its own in which he feels safe and comfortable. For outdoor cats this might be the neighbourhood outside your home, and for indoor cats your very own four walls. But a change of pace and physical challenges are also essential aspects of overall, feline well-being. Remember that boredom counteracts liveliness and even provokes illness in the long run. So play with your cat! Especially right now in winter, it’s time to get off of that couch. Treat your little tiger to a new toy that shifts his gear up to high speed, like a fur mouse that you can dangle around the living room or a cat fishing rod whose bait he will chase after. Some cats love to play with interactive toys from which they can “earn” cat goodies, such as food balls, helping to keep those little, grey, cat cells active. The main thing is to stir something up and keep your home lively.

Stick to a daily routine

Cats don’t like to be bothered during their midday nap or preening time, but regular play and cuddle times help you maintain a structured, daily routine that provides them with stability and assurance. An ordered life is, generally speaking, very important to any creature of habit. Try to avoid loud noises, which your cat is sure to find anything but pleasant. Vacuum cleaners, shouting and the like tend to upset cats and send them off in a scuttle.

Cleanliness is important

Your pet regards cleanliness with utmost importance. Hence, be sure to provide him with a clean litter tray at all times. Let kitty clean himself to his heart’s content (even if he loves to spend hours doing so). Long-haired cats should be brushed regularly to prevent their coat from becoming matted and tangled. BBut remember that cats definitely don’t like to be bathed, except in extreme cases.

A bird’s eye view

What kitty does love is a warm, safe place where he can relax, cuddle and keep an eye on everything. So offer him a space where he can rest higher up such as a window sill, scratching post or even the sofa. Let your cat have a say in deciding where to place scratching posts and baskets too because he’s an expert at it. Your pet’s wellness naturally requires regular petting, so whatever your cat likes should be allowed. Whether a massage, the Tellington Touch or a belly rub, pay close attention to your cat’s body language and you’ll see what he does and doesn’t like.

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