Look before you leap – have you got time for a pet?

Many adults dream of a having a pet to play with in their free time. But most people work – and full-time at that. You and your pet’s limits will soon be reached if you insist on having a dog that cannot be walked. Have a long, hard think about whether you are up to providing the kind of care your desired animal requires and if it is suited to being alone for longer periods of time at all.


Fish are the perfect pet if you don’t have any time or patience for cuddling and playing after work. An aquarium requires maintenance, but you can easily do this on the weekend. Plus, observing underwater goings-on can have a calming and balancing effect. The easiest to leave alone are fish. They can be left a long time with no problems. All you need is someone to feed them every two/three days, check that the pH value of the water is correct and that the pumps and heating are working as they should and that all the fish are ok.

How long will you have your pet?

In the right environment, pets can grow to a ripe old age. Tortoises are the celebrated “seniors” of the pet world and live to become 30 to 40 years old. By comparison, other reptiles can also live a relatively long life. Fish are astonishing too, as a common goldfish can swim in your pond for up to 20 or 30 years! Our pets are less exposed to the dangers of animal life than wild animals are and with the proper care, will grow to be much older than their cousins in the wild. Medical care also increases our animal companions’ age expectancy. That’s certainly good news for us owners, as pets often become a part of the family who we can’t imagine being without. On the other hand, owners are responsible for their pets – especially when they can live for several decades. That’s certainly something to consider before making your purchase!

Our tip

Particularly when it comes to animals with a long life expectancy, you should carefully consider what will happen to the animal before he comes to live with you. Who will take care of your pet when you no longer can?  Whatever you decide, please be sure to make the choice that’s best for the animal!

When you own a pet, the following question eventually poses itself: How long can I leave my pet at home alone? Even if you are nearby all day the question eventually comes up before the next holiday.
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