Pack your cycling shorts

The experts from Maxi Zoo will provide you with some tips for a successful trip.

A cycling holiday with a dog must be well planned. In this sector there are hardly any, if any, offers for package holidays. It is therefore up to the dog owner to choose a suitable route and to organise accommodation for all travellers. The good news: In addition to the classic favourite routes at home and abroad, more and more new cycle routes appear each year along with lots of possibilities for accommodation.

Visit your vet

Before you can even think of such a holiday, get the green light from your vet that your four-legged friend is up to the strenuousness of a cycle tour! If your dog is not so small that it can ride most of the time in a basket on the front, you should acquire a dog trailer for longer tours. This allows your pet to take a break while you cycle further. For the time spent with the dog running alongside on the lead, a set of reins with padding in the chest and shoulder areas is suitable.

Which cycle routes are suitable?

For travellers with dogs, routes which are relatively flat such as riverside routes are recommended. They not only offer continually changing scenery but also give the dog a chance to cool off in the water. When considering the choice of route, you should also bear in mind that, if you have a trailer, you will need to choose routes which are well developed. Official family routes are principally suitable for dog owners too.

Where can I find dog-friendly accommodation?

As far as possible, you should make phone calls about accommodation before the journey as dogs are not equally welcome everywhere. If you intend to camp, you should have no problems with your travel companion on camp sites. Bed and breakfasts and hotels generally accept dogs too. The best way is to take a day trip as a test run in order to estimate how many kilometres per day you can travel with your dog. You can then choose the destinations more easily.

What should I watch out for during the tour?

A cycle trip is a challenge for your four-legged friend’s cardiovascular system, joints and paws. Not only because of this reason, but also because of its nature, a dog needs time to sniff around and relax. You should always have fresh drinking water ready which you can also use to cool the animal down in an emergency. Avoid lots of activity in the midday sun. Pay attention to the fact that it is obligatory to keep your dog on the lead in some places (e.g. in towns or nature reserves).

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