Agility – fun and exercise for dogs and owners

Agility is one of the most popular dog sports. No wonder – it’s a lot of fun and is open to all dogs, big or small. Participants are divided into three classes, depending on their size.

Agile animals

Agility originates from England and is based on show jumping. The goal is for a dog to complete an obstacle course under human guidance as quickly as possible and without mistakes.  The sport is all about being “agile” and having skill, flexibility and speed. The special thing about dog sport for both dogs and owners is the experience of working in a team. Dogs bring with them speed and their love of playing, running and jumping. Owners bring both physical and mental fitness: They run alongside their dog, leading them through the course verbally with commands.

Bringing you together

Activities that you can do together, where you learn something, make progress and experience success brings humans together. And the same goes for dogs and humans. Agility deepens and strengthens the bond and trust between man and dog. And of course, agility also positively affects canine health by boosting stamina and improving general fitness. Dogs should however go to the vet for a check up before starting agility training.

Agility is a very adaptable sport

Courses are made up of a variety of different obstacles that can be put together a new and different way every time. Obstacles include hurdles, tunnels, seesaws and weave poles. Each one calls on a different skill. And it’s not just limited to the dog school or a showground: You can practice agility exercises or individual elements from the sport when out on a walk or in the garden. Some guidance is of course necessary – from reference books or from someone with experience in the sport. You need to know how to give commands, how reward and motivation functions, which exercises are suitable for beginners and which safety aspects you need to keep in mind. Then, you can use books or dog sport association websites as a model to build and practice your own simple obstacles.

If you and your dog catch the agility bug, you can always try a “real” agility course.
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