Fido’s now goes to the dog creche!

It sounds quite logical… children go to the kiddie crèche, dogs to the doggie crèche. Daycare centres for dogs, these have only been around for a few years. Dog owners in an increasing number of cities are taking up just such offers when the occasion arises that they’re unable to look after their canine companions. Animal lovers at Maxi Zoo explain just how it works.

A dog daycare centre is just what the name suggests: a place that takes on dogs by the hour. In exceptional cases, the stay can also be stretched to overnight or even a whole weekend. The idea of the crèche is for dog owners who, due to their work or for other reasons, are away from home for longer periods or are restricted (e.g. due to a trip, doctors appointments, illness). Some owners bring their pets regularly to give them contact with their own kind or so they can let off steam in large grounds.

Here’s what you can expect from a dog crèche

The crèche offers company, variety and competent supervision, particularly even at short notice. The team shouldn’t just take delivery of the dog but also get involved with it: playing, romping around, mentally challenging it and feeding where necessary are mostly part of the fixed daily schedule. There should be ample space available for resting. Make sure your pet can roam freely around the centre’s grounds. If it’s important to you that your dog gets a gradual introduction to the daily routine of the daycare centre because of its temperament then clarify how your pet will become acclimatised during a trial visit. This ultimately demands time and a lot of experience with dogs.

Which animals can go to the crèche?

Daycare centres take in dogs which have been vaccinated, have no infectious illnesses or parasites and behave sociably towards their own kind and people. A female Fido is normally not wanted while they’re in heat. Some dog crèches will only accept male dogs which have been castrated or take in none at all because of their potential for disruption. Apart from that, masters and mistresses may be asked to produce a valid certificate of dog owner liability insurance.

What does the crèche cost?

The opening times of a dog crèche range along with the cost. Some crèches offer additional services such as therapies or training which can be an advantage particularly for dogs who are anxious or aggressive.

Is a crèche the solution for people in employment?

Dogs are pack animals who will suffer a great deal during a several-hour absence of their masters and mistresses. For those at work, this often can’t be helped, and a crèche isn’t going to change that much. That’s because the creature permanently misses its constant figure of attachment. Despite the increase in dog crèches, those who are out at work eight hours a day would be better advised to choose a different house pet.
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