Tailor-made dog food

“What’s the best way to feed my dog?” – Every responsible dog owner will have asked this question. Nowadays it’s easy to give your four-legged friend the right food, as the range of complete foods is wide. They give Fido all of the nutrients he needs to lead an active life, but it makes sense to meet your animal’s individual needs when choosing their food. A puppy should get different food to an older dog and now “made-to-measure” food is now available for all different sizes of dog.

Junior feed

It is essential that puppies and young dogs get junior food. It is mainly for providing the energy needed for the animal’s growth and the optimum nutritional requirements for their physical development. Afterwards you can change to adult food. This food will provide the dog with everything that he needs to stay fit and healthy throughout his life, but contains less protein than junior feed, because Rover is no longer growing.

Senior feed

When your dog gets older, you should change to senior feed. Breed will make a difference as to when this happens, because larger breeds age faster than smaller ones. On average, you can change the food after eight years. An important component of senior food is that it contains very high quality protein to prevent muscular tissue from breaking down. Complete food contains less energy, because older dogs have lower energy requirements. Your dog can easily suddenly gain weight suddenly on the same food, because old animals often move less and become quieter.

Whether you have a puppy, young dog, adult or OAP, the Select Gold Range, available from your Maxi Zoo store, has been developed so that your dog gets the optimum care he needs to stay in peak condition, whatever his age.

But Select Gold offers even more. Depending on the size of the dog, you can choose between mini, medium and maxi food. This makes sense because a bigger dog has different nutritional requirements to a little one and the individual food varieties are tailored to your dog’s size and weight. Everything tailor-made for your pet!

Call into your local Maxi Zoo store today to discuss your dog’s personal needs with our Pet Experts.
But don’t forget the golden rule – Always consult a vet if your pet is ill or suffering discomfort!