Dog Toy Benefits

You stand stationary and move solely your arm as you throw his favourite squeaky toy. Exerting every ounce of strength he sprints off at top speed, legs blurring together in rapid momentum and lunges, all four paws in the air, to grasp his prize.  Panting and gasping, he rebounds back to do it all over again.  And somehow, you tire of the game before he does!

Beneficial for your barker

It’s no secret that dogs love play.  But did you know that this is no guilty indulgence; play is actually healthy and beneficial! Obviously, toys help fend off boredom, and experts recommend consistently changing the choices on offer.  Try varying your line-up with a chew toy one day and a rope pull the next.  Being able to chew freely on an allowed toy will reduce the risk your pooch will munch on your new shoes instead, especially for puppies who chew to relieve teething pain. Young and old, all canine teeth receive a necessary cleaning from toys, many of which are specifically designed for dental purposes.  Having a familiar “friend” close at hand can also help relieve separation anxiety during your absences.  However, keep in mind that toys are most effective when both you and your pet are involved in the game, so make sure you schedule playtime into your own agenda!
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