Dogs spend an incredible amount of their life asleep;  around 70% in fact!! It is vital therefore that they have the bed that fits them best.  Dog beds are as unique as dogs themselves, with an incredible range in softness, material, function, and size.  Dogs will hold their own personal preference in which bed types they prefer; owners as well can choose from a variety of styles to suit their taste.  Maxi Zoo Pet advisors will be happy to show you our selection of:

• Cushions and flat beds for no fuss dogs, or for comfort inside dog houses and cages

• Raised wall beds and cushion domes for those who prefer the extra feeling of security

• Specialized micro-pearl, viscoelastic, and heat retaining materials for older or ailing dogs

• Igloos and caves for puppies and smaller breeds

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your dog’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts