Dog play is actually quite serious business!  A dog that does not get enough mental and physical stimulation will suffer immensely, and this results in negative and destructive behaviour, as well as ill health.  Playing with your dog is also a vital bonding experience between owner and pet.  Maxi Zoo carries toys for all dogs and all situations.  Call in today and select from:

• Puppy toys specifically designed for developing paws and teeth

• Rubber, nylon and squeaking toys for a variety of games

• Chew ropes and toys to ensure your dog has enough mouth stimulation – this helps avoid destructive household chewing.  Toys also play a vital role in teeth cleaning and strengthening

• Outdoor toys for yards, parks and beaches

• Extra durable, extra strength and extra-large toys for larger or more play-aggressive dogs

• Plus more!!!

Call into your local store today to discuss your dog’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts