It’s beer garden season!

What’s better than enjoying a cool drink under the summer sky? According to many city dwellers, nothing is! Dog owners also enjoy stopping for a bite to eat at a dog-friendly beer garden. The experts from Maxi Zoo have six tips on how dog owners can enjoy the beer garden season with their four-legged friend.


  1. Dogs are more than welcome in many beer gardens, but not always. It’s always better to ask if you are not sure whether you can take your four-legged friend to your table. Or use the internet to find dog-friendly beer gardens in your area.


  1. Head to the beer garden after a long walk. Dogs are much calmer and a lot happier to play the waiting game after letting off steam. If you want to “practice” visiting at a beer garden, pick a time when there aren’t as many people around.


  1. Obedience is absolutely essential when you are out in public with your dog. Your dog should react calmly to other dogs and people. And this also applies for food scraps on the floor, which smell very tempting to canine noses! Not yet confident that your dog can lie calmly and under the table? Then practice first with short visits.


  1. Never tie your pet to a chair or table. A dog can rip through the beer garden, chair and all, creating a high risk of injury for all involved. A better idea is to put the lead underneath your foot. That way, you will notice if your dog moves under the table and can act quickly if necessary.


  1. Look for a shady spot or let your dog sit under the table, or on a blanket that you have brought with you. Make sure to bring your own bowl and fill it with water.


  1. Don’t give your dog scraps from the table! Spiced food doesn’t agree with them and bones can splinter. Alcohol is definitely taboo. A better option is to bring your own treat, such as a chew bone, which will also keep your dog busy.