Now it’s the Easter bunny’s turn to search!

Easter’s in sight and spring has sprung. The experts from Maxi Zoo have some suitable gift ideas which your pets will love and get them playing exciting “hide and seek” games.

What would Easter be without the symbolic rabbit? Clearly our long-eared friends mustn’t miss out on those days: you can give them and other small animals a springtime gift for their enclosure in the form of hay rolls and grass balls. As a small refinement there are also game balls in which you can hide drops and food. There are food balls made of grass and willow twigs with hay feed, for filling or already filled.

When it comes to your dog, you can simply hide treats and dog biscuits for your furry friend – their natural hunting instinct will do the rest. If you’d like to up the game a bit then you can get special toys from the pet shop in which you can hide treats. So that it doesn’t just turn out to be a brief bit of chewing fun, toys with cotton ropes are recommended which also care for your dog’s teeth while playing. All outdoor toys are ideal for the Easter celebrations as these, can at last, be used to the full. And of course, there are also plush toy rabbits and egg-shaped balls just to round off the Easter fun.

Birds can be animated for an Easter time hide and seek, for instance with filled willow twig balls. Filled “nibble logs are also suitable for large parakeets. New quarters made of wood and other natural materials will give your pets some hide and seek fun.

These gift ideas are not only suitable for house pets themselves but also for animal lovers to whom you want to give a present!

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