A motley crew: “fancy mice” are exciting house pets

Fancy mice make very enterprising and inquisitive domestic comrades. It’s tremendous fun watching these little indoor climbing experts, gymnasts and masters of their art getting out of tight corners. However, they won’t be content on their own. Fancy mice need the company of their peers, to be happy. Because the little animals “breed like mice” you should only keep animals of the same sex.

The fancy mouse is a descendant of the house mouse and comes in many different sizes as well as colours and varieties of coat. It has a life expectancy of one-and-a-half to two years. And you’ll soon discover that these tiny little creatures – only eight to eleven centimetres long and weighing 25 to 50 gram – all have quite different characters. But fancy mice are no cuddlers.


Despite being so small, they’re high maintenance. A cage for keeping mice as pets should be at least 70 centimetres long, 50 wide and 70 centimetres high. It should incorporate as many different levels as possible which you can connect with each other using branches or sisal ropes because the mice won’t develop behavioural problems in a diverse environment. As the exciting thing about fancy mice is their nosiness you should furnish the mouse house with a varied inventory. Take care when you’re doing this that the rodents can’t injure or poison themselves.

Feeding your mice

Due to their rapid metabolism, fancy mice constantly need something to eat. A varied diet is important for their healthy nourishment. Your local Maxi Zoo store offers a large selection of pre-mixed foods. In addition, as a vitamin supplement, the little rodents should also find small pieces of apple, carrot or lettuce as well as fresh greens in their perpetually clean cage. Non-poisonous and unsprayed twigs and leaves also serve as nourishment and nibbling pleasure.  Now and again, even especially tasty treats such as mealworms or dog biscuits can be given as animal protein. What’s important is that the mice have a constant supply of clean drinking water. Thus well provided for, the little rodents will forever be showing off their entire repertoire of exciting and entertaining behaviour and will lay bare their motley world to you.

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