Six good reasons
to keep a freshwater aquarium

Underwater worlds are fascinating little habitats that will bring new life to any area of your home. Freshwater aquariums are particularly popular among pet owners. Here we’ll tell you why.

With an aquarium, you’re bringing a slice of nature into your home, while also doing something good for your health. As scientific studies have shown, observing ornamental fish can have a positive impact on your blood pressure and reduce symptoms of stress. But not all aquariums are the same. They can have very different requirements, depending on the size and the type of fish you keep. The freshwater aquarium is the classic beginners’ aquarium. In fact, these aquariums are particularly suitable for beginners. An underwater world will bring you enjoyment right from the very start.

1. Tanks are available in all shapes and sizes so you’re bound to find one that fits you and your requirements. Perhaps a nano-aquarium, with a 30-litre volume, which will fit on your desk. Or maybe you’d prefer a 250-litre panorama aquarium, which has a triangular shape, meaning it will fill a spare corner of your room without taking up too much space. You can also have a tank custom made according to your individual requirements. Aquariums with an 100-litre capacity are perfect for beginners.

2. The choice of plants, fish and other small marine creatures is huge. 95 percent of all fish originate from sub-tropical or tropical waters and will feel at home in freshwater conditions. Therefore, with a freshwater tank you have an extremely wide range to choose from: You could keep schooling fish, re-create an entire marine habitat, marvel at livebearers and the flurry of activity they bring to the water, or observe discus as they swim leisurely around the tank. Of course, the selection of plants is also immense. But you must check whether these are suitable for the needs of your fish and other inhabitants of your tank before you buy.

3. The upkeep required for a freshwater tank is relatively low. Once you have set up the lighting, heating, filter and pump to suit the needs of your aquarium inhabitants, the average time needed to look after a freshwater aquarium is only around an hour per week. The rest of the time you can simply enjoy the view of your aquarium.

4. With the right preparation, you can easily go on holiday for two weeks without having to worry about the daily upkeep of your freshwater aquarium. The technology built into the tank will do most of it for you. Make sure that you also set up an automatic feeder that you can rely on to ensure that your water-dwellers are fed, and ask friends to check every two days whether everything is working properly. And with freshwater tanks, that’s all there is to it!

5. You won’t have to wait long until the life in your tank is bedded in and you can add the first of your fish. As a general rule, it only takes about two to three weeks after you set up a freshwater aquarium for everything to be up and running smoothly. At this point the tank will provide the perfect conditions, ready for your fish to move in.

6. You not only have a huge choice of plants and animals, but also accessories and the wide variety of design options they offer. Here you have the perfect opportunity to try the new trend for “aquascaping”: The challenge is to set up your aquarium in a harmonious design and create mini scenes and compositions within the limited space, which will hold the attention of the observer with their depth and attention to detail. Experienced “aquascapers” can create entire panoramic landscapes underwater. Of course, your masterpiece must also fit with the requirements of your fish.

So freshwater aquariums are ideal for beginners as well as those with more experience. That’s why they’re sure to remain the most popular type of aquarium for decades to come.

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