Marine dwellers love variety too: the right way to feed your fish

They won’t actually make a huge fuss, but even fish don’t always like eating the same old food. In this respect a varied menu has a raft of positive effects not only for the fish but also their owners. That’s because healthy fish and an aquarium that’s not algae-encrusted is a pleasure to any eye.

Prevent deficiency symptoms

If you feed your fish a one-sided diet for years you risk deficiency symptoms, disease and fatty degeneration. The latter can, of course, also happen if you do indeed feed the creatures a richly varied diet but give them too much of a good thing in the process. In contrast to humans, fish don’t get the “full up” feeling. And because some fish are truly adept beggars, there is a great danger that beginners will overfeed them. Beyond this, you should bear in mind that it’s precisely aquarium fish that live a very energy-saving life and can therefore make do with very little.

Water quality can deteriorate

A further negative aspect of permanent overfeeding is the deterioration of the water quality. Uneaten food sinks to the bed of the aquarium, decays and can lead to an algae explosion if the tank is not maintained properly. The consequence: the biological equilibrium is destroyed. The health and the lives of the fish are endangered. 

Only feed once a day
Feed your fish once a day only and always at the same time if at all possible. The exception to this rule is young fish, which need to be fed more often. It would also be good if feeding is always done by the same person as the creature will get used to them and soon come swimming past inquisitively when there’s food to be had. The
aquarium light
should be on during feeding so that the fish find the food quickly. Apart from that, this provides an opportunity to observe the fish closely and spot any changes in their behaviour. You should not switch the filter off during feeding time. If, however, food does get into the filter, it will have to be rinsed out.

There’s a big choice
A varied diet is well catered for by the many choices being offered by specialist retailers. There are food tablets for sticking to the glass, live, frozen or freeze-dried living food and of course dried food to satisfy the most varied tastes and the most diverse fish species. And by the way it won’t do your pets any harm if you arrange a “fast day” once a week. Because with fish, the following rule of thumb applies: A bit less is sometimes more…


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