Feeding Tips

How often do I need to feed an adult dog?

You should usually feed your dog twice a day. Whether you feed your dog one ‘main meal’ and a smaller meal, or two similar sized helpings will depend on your dog. Some animals are fussy eaters and they are best fed two similar sized meals. Dogs belonging to the “insatiable” class of dogs should be given a main meal and a smaller helping per day.

Dry food for dogs and things to consider

If you feed you pets mainly on dry food you must ensure that they always have a plentiful supply of fresh water. The more dry food you feed, the more the animals will need to drink. The digestive organs of dogs are designed for devouring prey which always has more or less the same quality and nutritional composition. Therefore it’s actually enough to opt for one high quality food variety. Each time you switch to another food strains the digestive system. This should be done slowly, if at all, by mixing the old food bit by bit with the new.

Can I disturb my dog while he is eating?

You should most definitely be able to remove something your dog values greatly. A bone or chew toy would make a good practice object. Never allow your dog to snap at you or even bite you. You should be able to take something away from your dog (e.g. if he finds a poisoned rat while you are out on a walk). This ability may at some point save your dog’s life. It is never too early to start training your dog. Once he has learned this you should allow him to enjoy his meal in peace.

What do I feed older and neutered/spayed animals?

Older and neutered/spayed animals require food containing less fat and protein. Too rich food may cause obesity which could become a life-threatening condition. Please ask your vet or animal practitioner for advice.

What do I need to consider when buying pet food?

It is important that the pet’s energy intake suits its activity level. A cat sleeping all day on the couch needs food with a reduced fat content. Premium food also can help to prevent other illnesses such as struvite crystals or tartar. Please ask a staff member at your local Maxi Zoo store who will be happy to advise on the best food for your pet.

Human food is usually not or only partially suitable for animals. Ready-to-eat pet food ensures a balanced diet.

Dogs need a great deal less protein than cats. In their natural habitat, they would only hunt and kill an animal sporadically, as a pack. The contents of their prey’s intestines as well as plants, berries or fruit will be sought after when needs must. Because dogs are carnivores, one shouldn’t keep them on a vegetarian diet for long periods. Basically, dogs need a balanced proportion of some 25 different nutrients and vital substances, in particular highly digestible protein for growth, musculature and metabolism as well as carbohydrates and fats for energy. To enable the dog’s body to fully exploit these substances, they must form a part of a dog’s daily diet in the correct quantity and composition. Those who want to prepare their animal’s meals themselves must therefore really know their pet. Alternatively, high quality ready-prepared foods are on offer containing all the necessary building blocks including vitamin and mineral nutrients. Chocolate, sweets and human food remains are taboo. The following applies to dogs as well as cats: because age related dietary requirements are different for each animal, you should resort to food which is specially adjusted to the age of your pet. Also, illnesses, allergies and other conditions demand that you sometimes have to follow a specific dietary plan – your vet can advise you on this.
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