Fly away Peter; fly away Paul…and what happens now?

It’s every bird owner’s nightmare – A bird escapes through a window accidentally left open when they are out of the cage and flies out of sight. The only hope is that someone finds their pet. But finders often don’t know what to do with a bird that has flown in. The vets from Maxi Zoo explain.

Finding a feathered flyaway

If you have discovered a bird that is obviously not part of the local wild population, you first need plenty of patience to catch it. Some food (e.g. foxtail millet), maybe a bird cage and a dip net or cloth may help. It is also possible that the bird flew directly through an open window, which makes things a bit easier. You can then contact your local animal shelter or register your find with a lost and found service, the police or fire services. If you own or can borrow a bird cage, you can take the search for the owner into your own hands. Remember that according to the law, the lost animal still belongs to its owner for six months. Finders that would love to keep the animal straight away should find out first if it’s not sorely missed somewhere!

Birds bought from a breeder or specialty retailer are usually tagged with a ring to comply with animal disease law and/or for species protection reasons. These leg rings are stamped with a seven-digit number containing information about the breeder, allowing the owner can be tracked down. For non-experts, it is often difficult to decipher this data. We recommend you find a vet specialising in birds. They can both de-code the number and give the bird a check-up. Get a receipt for any vet costs incurred so that the rightful owner can reimburse you later.
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