How plenty of exercise and the right food will keep your budgies fit In the long run, excess weight is known to cause health problems—both for people and for budgerigars. To keep your flying, little friends chirpy and fit, make sure they get plenty of exercise and eat well. Above all, staying healthy requires that they fly, fly and fly again!

Flying freely indoors on a daily basis is essential You should open your budgies’ cage door every day and allow them to fly about freely for long periods of time. There’s no exact rule of thumb for how long, but on the whole: the longer and more often the better. Budgerigars that don’t get enough exercise don’t just become too fat, but may develop behavioural disorders as well. One of these illnesses is known to afflict birds with the strange compulsion to beat their wings in a non-stop frenzy whilst sitting on their perch.

The bird-safe room To facilitate flight outside of the cage, the room must be bird-safe. Be sure to close all windows and doors to prevent birds from escaping. Watch out for electric cables lying around that birds might peck at. Burning candles, hot stove tops, toxic chemicals and poisonous plants are all taboo. Small gaps and cracks should be closed before opening the cage. Needless to say, insect repellent should not be used in the bird-safe room.

Remember that a healthy diet is crucial to a sense of well-being Not only regular exercise, but a balanced diet is vital to your birds’ well-being. Both feed quantity and feed variety will help ensure that your birds stay fit. Serious health problems can be avoided by feeding your birds more than one kind of fodder. Your birds’ daily, staple diet should consist of two teaspoons of various, mixed grains per animal. Your budgies also need green fodder to ensure they get the proper intake of vitamins, minerals and oils. This might include dandelions and various herbs such basil and parsley—and don’t forget fruit and vegetables. To mention just a few examples, you can offer your birds green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, grapes and apples, or bananas and pears.

Those little extras You can also give your chipper little friends branches to gnaw on (needless to say, unsprayed and non-toxic) for that little snack in-between. Millet, which most budgies find simply irresistible, is very nutritious and at the same time fun to chew on. With adequate exercise, it won’t make them fat either. But do be careful with treats. A bread stick now and again is okay, but only sporadically and in conjunction with enough exercise—otherwise you’ll end up with a pudgy budgie! Call into your local store today to discuss your bird’s personal needs with our Maxi Zoo Pet Experts.